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Random weekend

Happy weekend everyone.

It has been a quiet first week of 2017  filled with reflecting and dreaming and catching up over here.

Christmas has started coming down in a couple rooms and the house is feeling a bit bare-
which always tends to happen this time of year.  And so, on the list for posts coming your way- adding warmth for a cozy winter home.

But today it is all about randomness over here. 
Tidbits of this and that and the week that was.

Rain, rain, rain

It has been raining cats and dogs over here. 

And while I have several table settings and outdoor posts planned- with 10 days of rain on the forecast, I may have to juggle a few of those stylings.

So, I may shift gears and bring those table settings indoors and show ways to add some of that ambiance inside the house as well.

Blue & White Beauty

 One of the table settings that is coming your way is all about blue & white and blush. And this blue and white pattern is one of my absolute favorites- and will be playing the starring role.

The Perfect Chandelier

Over at Style Illuminated this week- I shared a few tips for choosing the perfect chandelier for your space- or perfect couple of chandeliers if you are like me and think the more the merrier.

Flower Power

I am heading into the city to the flower market this week to load up on flower for a special project. 
I tend to get a bit giddy at the flower market- and run around like a wild woman falling for each and every pretty face blooming away there. 

If you have never been to the SF flower market- it is an inspiring spot to be for flower lovers.  I am planning on doing a FB live or video to share a bit of the behind the scenes so stay tuned for that.

Sleeping In

We have been lowing low here this week-and yes, I slept in several days.
I usually get up fairy early and get a jump start on the day, but I have been trying to give myself a break a bit and  make sure I get a little extra rest. My husband has been home sick with a nasty bug
this week- thankfully, his fever is gone and he seems to be on the mend but we are definitely 
indulging in a bit of extra sleep and a lot of airborne vitamins.

And since the storm that is dumping away is causing my internet to blink on and off- 
I am keeping it short and sweet and wrapping up this weekend post for now 
But stay tuned because I have so much planned to share with you in the New Year.
And coming your way soon:
The first before and after project of the new year 
Tips for adding warmth to your home
A look at a  room you have never seen before (with good reason) 
and that  renovation for under $500.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing your renovation. I most enjoy examples that are beautiful and elegant yet done on a budget. I just revealed the before/after of the kitchen in our 400-year-old apartment.

  2. Hi Courtney! I would love to see a video of the SF Flower Market. I've always wanted to check it out, but in the 23 years of living in the bay area, I've never been. The flower market is definitely on my "fun to do list" for 2017. Happy restful weekend!

  3. After the hustle and bustle of the holidays it is good to wind down, get extra sleep and reflect on the upcoming year and all the promises it holds...

  4. Hi Courtney and Happy 2017 to you !! xoxo, Martha and Rick

  5. Your photo's are so cool, looking forward to seeing your coming post. Glad to hear your husband is feeling better,stay well .

  6. It's hard not to sleep in with all that rain and I hope there is no flooding your way. The blue and white dish is very pretty. Take care, Kathleen in Az

  7. I agree, early January is a time for a little reflection, a time for a little extra rest to make sure our batteries are fully charged for the year ahead. Can't wait for many of the things you have in store, sounds like a lot of fun

  8. I love your blog---am somewhat of a newcomer. I live in Europe & we are redoing a small home in TX in the US. I wish it were in the Provence! I hope to get there again in the next year or so---until then I will haunt your blog.

  9. Lovely! Still live your blackboard! I was glad to hear that you kept it and just covered it. I think the blackboards give you your personal style. ☺️💞❄️ Hope you can get outside to style soon! Hope your hubby is feeling well now.

  10. Sorry you are experiencing so much rain...was sad to hear about the iconic drive through tree that went down in Sequoia National park...Stay dry and thanks for all of the inspiration!

  11. We lived in Northern California many years ago, loved it there. I remember the winter rains. Now we are in Boulder, Co. and get some snow instead...happily not as much as we used to.