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Random Weekend

I woke up this morning to the sounds of the birds chirping
the smell of fresh air coming in through the windows
and my little grand dog in the hallway waiting for me.

That grand dog...he is a sneaky little guy. 
And today's random weekend is about him, High Point Market 
and some exciting things coming your way.

#1. Grand Dog Insights

We have talked before about how Sebastian aka Mr. Weenie gets up and parties in the wee hours of the morning. He has done it for years and he seems to get on these cycles. 3 am parties every.night. of the week for a few weeks. 
And when those cycles happen? 
Dark circles, crankiness and lack of energy come right along with it. 
It is like having a newborn and getting just a few hours at a time of sleep before getting up again. 

Recently, I have actually slept better when traveling. And that is just crazy.
But a strange phenomenon we have noticed. 
Mr. Weenie doesn't get me up when my husband is out of town.
He waits patiently until around 5:30 or 6am until he starts to stomp his little feet and grunt outside the door. Because he knows my daughter and I will wait him out until the sun starts coming up so he doesn't bother us until the birds start chirping. But he knows that my husband will get up and give him a midnight snack to keep him happy. 
You can't help but love that sweet face though... so, he gets away with 3am shenanigans.

#2. Goals & Dreams at Market

I had the craziest start to the morning at High Point Market.
I almost missed the shuttle. It was pouring rain. Then someone ahead of me ordered 5 specialty drinks in the one barista making all the coffee line...
and since I was already running late, I didn't have time to put my computer and other bits in my locker... so my shoulder paid for it the whole day.
But..I tossed it all aside because, even with delays, running behind, less coffee than I needed- I was excited about a special meeting that morning before market opened.

It was with one of my design idols- Rachel Ashwell. We talked about caring for family with dementia, goals and dreams and photography. And I know I have told you this before- but really she is the kindest and sweetest person who is so humble and inspiring. And that morning spent with her talking about Shabby Chic and her story truly inspired me all over again.
More on that coming soon.

#3. Nelson

There is a certain someone that I always love to see at High Point Market and at Las Vegas Market. He is a small little guy with a big personality and I will admit, that  I love the furniture and visiting with the amazing folks behind the brand-  because I absolutely adore them...  
and I also tell people to go visit French Heritage and see Nelson.

He is such an old soul and I just love him and he has such a great story.
If you get into French Heritage- you must say hello.

#4. Eloquence

Speaking of market... my absolute favorite showroom was amazing as always. Eloquence knocks my socks off every.single.time. and this time was no exception.

 And I am so excited to be waiting on something pretty from them
coming to my house right now.

#5. Projects, projects, projects

I love projects. Love love love. 
And right now, for the next several months- we have several big projects going on behind the scenes. This week, it involves a new room and an outdoor refresh. 
I will share some of the new with you as we get moving on things and let you know what we are DIY-ing and what we are hiring out.

And look at this sneak peek of a new treasure that I found?
 I am obsessed already.

#6. Working weekend

This weekend is a busy work week catch up weekend. 
I have styled and photographed 3 projects for my blog- and have another 2 on the agenda for today.
And I am ordering something amazing 
if I could only decide on a color. 
Duck egg green/gray/blue, white or black 

#7. Coming your way

Something old, something new, something borrowed and something exciting...
I have a couple exciting things that I quite literally can hardly wait to share that are coming up.
 Along with a few stories that are a little more on the sentimental side because...
 it happens.
Along with a table setting inspired by a Mother's Day bouquet,
dishes that are a little vintage and a little dramatic
and an outdoor styling that has our family snoozing away outdoors.

And coming your way tomorrow
 a post about recreating one of your favorite mantel stylings-  
with something that will last and last all season long. 

Happy random weekend everyone.


  1. Maybe Nelson can Skype and have a little chat with Mr. Weenie:). I can see why Rachel Ashwell is an inspiration to you, dreamy designs. Looking forward to your upcoming posts and from reading your post comments, you're an inspiration to others too:).
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Such a great idea!! That would be the best! They are both so cute and such sweet dogs- I bet they would be great dog friends. :)

  2. Can not wait to see that you were referring too.

  3. You certainly have had a very busy week!....due to travels I was unable to visit the Market and disappointed that I missed my favorite showroom, Eloquence....I think having to lug around the extra "baggage' to ensure that you were not late to your meeting with the great Rachel was worth it. Looking forward to hearing about your news....Have a great week Courtney!

  4. Seriously do not know what is cuter Sebastian's face or the fact that your husband gets up to give him treats. You got to meet Rachel Ashwell! I. Would. Die! I have been inspired by her since she first opened shabby chic. Amanda

  5. Courtney, I think this is your best round post ever! I just love everything in here, especially the doggies.You know my real love beside my own blog, yours, home decor, French country is really dogs! Ha ha.

    I was wondering if the top of that floral print sofa or chair might be the infamous buffalo check sofa??? I know you mentioned changing that a while ago.

    As for dogs.... have ya'll tried just bringing Mr. Weenie to bed with you? That usually curtails the shenanigans in the wee hours of the morning. They truly are like babies and they so very much love to be right up next to their beloved humans while they sleep. That is unless they are are like my Sebastian who cuddles until I fall asleep and then he sneaks off to his snoozing spot right up on the sofa that is constantly covered with white sheets. Gotta be able to see all the evidence, you know what I mean. Hee, hee.


  6. Bloody hell..... I need to remember to click "notify me." In a decade, you'd think I would actually remember to do that when I comment on your blog. But noooooo.... I forget every time.