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All through the house- 12 of my favorite Christmas Trees

It is hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner.

And though I have decked the halls and put up several trees already-
I have holiday decorating  on my list even now- the season has just zoomed on by.
And today for Friday Favorites, it is all about Christmas trees.

Christmas is one of my favorite times of the year.
All the hustle and bustle and twinkle lights... it brings back memories
and inspires new ones.
And I definitely love to have Christmas all through the house- and that means several trees instead of just one.

Sharing 12 of my favorites from the past several years
and click the title if you would like to see more details on each one.

A simple chubby fresh tree with vintage colors and ornaments.

That time when two frosted trees in the bedroom were better than one.

It might be one of my top 3 favorites... that wee spindly tree in the office.

 A 9' white tree in the bedroom was perfect last year- and I did a similar look this year as well.

I love blush and white together- and at Christmas? Yes, please.

This tree had subtle aqua and blush ornaments tucked into frosty branches.

A little bit playful and fun with white ornaments and red berries

 Simple and sweet with extra large pinecones and barely blue ornaments in the cottage.

This tree had berries and eucalyptus tucked into the branches for a wine country inspired look.

My favorite frosted tree was dotted with snowy pinecones, snowy berries and lots of mercury glass ornaments. Times 2 in the living room this year.

Wee Christmas tree bicycle 

Because a tree in a bike basket is fun.

A white frosted tree that glowed gold- one of my all time favorites for sure.

But even with all these twinkling trees- there are others that could be on this list.
Because, I love them all. 

Did I choose any of your favorites? 


  1. They're all gorgeous Courtney! I love decorating Christmas trees. Let me take that back. I love Christmas trees once they're decorated and twinkling away:) One of my favorite trees you put together was with the frosted red berries. Just something about them that I especially love.

  2. What fun to live in your home especially this time of year with all of your darling Christmas trees around bringing in cheer!
    xoxo Jo

  3. All of your Christmas trees are elegant :). I've always had a traditional green Christmas tree, but the white and frosted ones are stunning. And of course your Charlie Brown tree, the true meaning of Christmas, love that Christmas special. I read another blog and the Lady has many Christmas trees in her home too. They all tell a story and like you, full of Christmas spirit and memories:). Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas, Kathleen in Az

  4. These are all so lovely, Courtney. I think my favorite thing about them is the glow...whether they're white, green, thin, or create beautiful, glowing Christmas trees that are special! Have an awesome week,

  5. All of these are my favorites! You're like the Christmas Queen - your home is always spectacular during the holidays.

  6. I'll second that Jennifer! Absolutely stunning!!

  7. Absolutely beautiful trees! My favoruite is number 1, I am in love:-))))))