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Random Weekend

A lazy quiet Sunday morning over here.

Working on some fun behind the scenes stuff, listening to Puccini and sipping coffee while working on the weekend view.
And this weeks weekend view is all about Las Vegas Market,
 inspiration for some new projects and 
what is coming up in February here at French Country Cottage.

I am loving relaxing a bit in the morning after a busy week in Las Vegas- and that is the start of the weekend view.

Vegas, Baby

Ahh Vegas Market... you are always inspiring.

I love Vegas market for several reasons. One- it is easy to navigate- which means I can see a ton of stuff in just a couple of days-
and I can be there in about an hour which makes a quick trip super easy for me.
This Market- I was focused on sourcing for several companies I work with- and so, mainly spent time snapping photos and jotting down notes for that.
 I also did a bit of vintage shopping- though truth be told- I didn't find anything other than BIG things to ship home- so nothing. Which was kind of a bummer.

Favorites at Vegas

Stay tuned for a post sharing some of what caught my eye at Market- but you can also take a virtual tour of one of my favorite showrooms on FB if you would like. Click here to watch.

My big kid

While in Vegas, I also visited my big kid. He and his girlfriend live in Vegas- and so it is a bonus when I go to market now that I can plug in a couple extra days and see them. It was so nice to have them come over to our hotel and relax every evening while enjoying the sights and sounds of the Bellagio fountains.

Early to rise

Up and at them early this week- and loving it. After that sleeping in in late December and early January- which was great- I have been craving those early mornings with my coffee, Puccini and work by early morning light. And so- we are back to those early morning wake up calls and early morning work.  I seriously love that feeling of accomplishing a ton of things on my to-do list before 8am.

Easy like February

Well, I suppose that is kind of misleading.  I am taking a bit of a break from far away travel and crazy busy in February- but I have a lot of things to work on for behind the scenes stuff.  My book goes to print the first part of March- so we are wrapping up the photo layout and text editing (which is CRAZY!!) and I have some local photoshoots that might involve those beach bikes, blooms and some beautiful houses.
 Stay tuned for some of my favorite local Nor Cal staycation spots.

More Romance

The March issue of Romantic Homes Magazine is coming your way next week-
and it is one of my absolute favorites to date- so stay tuned. 

And you won't want to miss our February issue which is on newsstands right now - it is our French issue and is all about French style.  Notice a familiar home on this issue? That is Cedar Hill Farmhouse- a fellow blogger.
Have you picked it up yet? 
You can also subscribe and never miss an issue HERE 

On the Blog

I have so much planned for the next month here on the blog.  From entertaining and recipes to design ideas for getting the look for less- and something for you guys is finally almost ready. Stay tuned for that- along with the start of gardening over here.

 Super excited to plant more areas around the greenhouse and revamp all the window boxes. 
  (Did I mention we have a window box on almost every.single.window? That is a lot of planting. )

Super Bowl 

Are you watching? Hosting a party? Going to a party? 
Me? I am heading out for a run then getting to work on some projects.
 No Super Bowl watching over here- though I will be tuning in to This is Us 
and that pretty much guarantees emotional wreck status for an hour.  haha.

Happy Weekend everyone.


  1. I enjoyed watching your Las Vegas vendor flea market taping. Show us more future styles. I love the mixture of metals, flowers, and wood combinations intertwined to make a cozy home. The cotton stems with flowers and boxwoods could create a new shabby farmhouse chic look. I love your decorating style.

  2. Loved the viedo from Vegas, lots of prettys to look at. Thank you for sharing..

  3. You made my night,thanks for letting me see the goodies at the Market!!

  4. I would love a close up tour of your greenhouse/garden house! I am dreaming of one someday....


  6. WOW loved watching the video of the market and all these great photos Safe travels

  7. What is that showroom, loved some of the items, and also what are the linens in photo...loved those too, thanks