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Random Weekend

Happy Sunday everyone.

Can you believe it is already the 12th of August? Where has time gone this year!
And this year... do you know what the 12th of August means?

2 days until Book Release day
Which means... I am basically a bit of a basket case over here. 
And I am gearing up for a week of sharing all things book related to celebrate with you.
AND I am so excited to finally be able to start to share more about the book 
and some of the photos and stylings with you.  

But there is of course more to the week than just book news- it is random weekend folks. 
Which means it is this and that and anything else all wrapped up into one. 
And this week... was a bit of a strange one.
Between howling in the middle of the night and smoky skies,


Have you ever been sound asleep and then you hear a dog howling in a high pitched howl/cry/not sure what is going on... and then all of a sudden someone turned the volume up and it is crazy with a ton of howling and screeching?  Sweet Pea was a bit of a nut last night when they started up.

And there has been a coyote spotted running through our yard several times this week. And in the middle of the night- the entire pack starts howling and chattering away and it is not something that sounds fabulous. It makes you want to yell out the window to shoo them away and save whatever poor creature they are after. 
The coyotes seem to be around every year about this time- but usually we just hear them off in the distance. Their pack seems to be close by this time. 

Smoky Skies

Fire season brings terrible air quality. Every time. 
And it has been this way most of the week this week again.
Thankful that they are making progress on the fires and hopefully will have them out soon
and everyone stays safe.


I have a gazillion things to paint right now- and one of them might surprise you. I am refreshing our door jambs. Exciting news right? New paint, new caulk and new wood where the old needs to be replaced. Getting ready for an exciting install that has to do with doors. (like those French doors in the dining room) 

I am literally so excited I can hardly stand it. Kind of how I felt about my new vacuum when I  got it. haha. Sometimes it is the little things that float your boat. I will keep you posted on what we are having installed and why I am dancing over here in another week or so.

Chandelier love

Another fun project... ordering a couple new chandeliers for the house. I do have one in every room- but some are up for replacements that fit the space or new look better. And of course will be sharing all the finds here with you. 

And stay tuned for an
  amazing giveaway for Book Release Week with my Lamps Plus family
coming your way TOMORROW. 

On that same note-today is the last day to enter the copper cookware giveaway-

Coming your way

That amazing giveaway 
A personal post sharing a bit of my heart
Something simple and fun for the bedroom and an amazing find at HomeGoods 
And much more. 

Happy Sunday everyone.


  1. Looking forward to your book and to hear what you are so excited about, I hope you are safe distance from the fires, my mom is Laguna beach, and this time she said she had to get read to leave at that moments notice, the day she thought she was going to have to leave, the fire was out and in control.

    1. Well, just know I am a crazy one- as I mentioned- I got super excited about a new vacuum! haha! But yes, it is an exciting project to have done and I am so looking forward to it. We are a safe distance but the smoke travels all over the state and to other states as this point. So our air quality is suffering but that is all. We are mostly concerned with the fires and those affected by them. I hope your mom stays safe!

  2. Happy Sunday, Courtney! We live in the city, but coyotes roam our neighborhood too. Our property backs to a creek and greenbelt. I don't let Sadie out by herself at night, even though we are fenced. I certainly hope the fires are contained soon. Praying for CA.
    Excited about the book and eager for my copy to arrive. Congratulations, Courtney!

    1. Yes, coyotes seem to be everywhere now- and absolutely keep that sweet Sadie indoors!! And coyotes are surprisingly small for the noise they make! And so excited #1 more day to book release- I hope you love it! :)

  3. Hello! What breed is Sweetpea? Absolutely Precious!!!

    1. She is a rescue so we don't know 100% but believe she is a Morkie- which is a maltese and yorkie mix.

  4. Looking forward to reading more about those fantastic beams in your living room.

    1. They are the original beams! We found them under the sometime in the 1960's likely added sheetrock :)

  5. I’m so looking forward to my birthday (September 16) and your book as one of my gifts!!!

  6. Can't wait to see your book. I need to buy a new vacuum and was wondering if you could share what vacuum you purchased that you are so pleased with. Would love a recommendation.

    1. Well, here is the thing. I WAS happy with it. Loved it in fact and looked forward to vacuuming! Which is crazy haha. But it had an issue after only about 4 months and I contacted the company and they won't replace it. So I am not super happy with it at this point. It doesn't work at all. It is a Bissell Crosswave. I really did love it when it worked though- so if you get one- I hope yours doesn't have any issues.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely place with us. It looks so comfortable and a wonderful place to be creative.

  8. Oh, we have coyotes, too. Don't let Sweet Pea out! Coyotes are very smart and watch their prey. Looking forward to having your book in my hands in a few days!

    1. Thank you so much Kim!! I hope you like it!! And yes- we don't let the Pea out without us. The coyotes and the big birds worry me!

  9. Morning Courtney,
    Thank you so much for sharing your lovely home with us. I am a Romantic Homes/Victoria magazine crazy lady, have issues dating back to almost the beginning. I gave some away a while back and regretted it shortly after I did it!
    Ok, sorry, back to your post today....we also have coyotes and don't let Maggie and Mollie out by themselves at night, even though the yard is fenced. We see a lot of critters out here, deer, raccoons, living never is boring. Praying the fires are contained soon, I think of those poor firemen out there fighting the heat, the wildlife, and the folks who live there.
    Anxious awaiting your book! So excited for you, I know how excited I was when my first children's book came was a sleepless night or two. Have a blessed day. Jody

  10. Just waiting for my copy of your book to arrive! Now following on Instagram and check you blog frequently. Lots of inspiration for my creative side. The copper pots are incredible. Would get a hanging rack just for them! Mindy

  11. Hello from Ashland, OR...another smoky place North of y'all. Don't think I've ever written you before but I've enjoyed your blog and inspiration for years...eager to see your new book soon!
    Praying we can say goodbye to our nasty, smoky summer soon (we've had fires near us since the first week in July).

  12. Yesterday a pack of those coyotes in our woods. I blew a air horn at them and they left. But they are close by so I go out with my dogs for safety sake. Your post I could have written as we too are having the heavy smoke. I was so hoping this summer would be different.

  13. Hello from Fayetteville, Arkansas!! Your home is exqiusive. I especially love your chandeliers. Please tell me are they new or antique? Where do you get them?
    Thanks Lillie