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Weekend Five

Welcome to the weekend view... about this and that and everything all rolled into one post.

It is hard to believe it is Thanksgiving week already!
I know it is early this year- but wasn't it just feeling like summer last week?

I am running around a bit like a wild woman this weekend- working ahead and getting the house ready for guests. And in the bustle and busy, I am loving that quiet and simple Christmas that is appearing.

Simple Elegance

I put up a lot of Christmas trees each year.
I subscribe to the more is more idea when it comes to sprinkling Christmas through the house and have been known to include more than one tree in a room.

Though, even with twinkling trees here and there- I tend to keep color schemes and tree decorations more on the simple side.
This year, I have gone back and forth on decorations. Gold and glimmering. Soft and white. Ribbons and picks or just baubles.
I will be sharing several Christmas trees this week for inspiration- and then next week more of the house.

A little bit of bling

Something arrived yesterday that I am so excited about. It might look like this.

Okay, it does look like this and it is Dreamy.  
These crystal covered sconces have me crushing big time- so I had to snap a quick iphone photo to share on IG- and I will be sharing more about them and where they end up - and where they are from soon.

Blush sofa love

I am still thinking about the fun in High Point at the La-Z-Boy design challenge and that dusty blush sofa I designed. Don't forget to vote your favorite room for a chance to win 15K in product for a room makeover - (and if your favorite room is mine- thank you!!)

Favorites this week: 

This Bedding

This Table setting 

This tree- which is moving this year

And Coming your Way:

I will be posting some holiday inspiration this week- along with a couple of inspired table setting & recipes ideas if you are looking for some last minute ideas.
And tomorrow- a peek at the living room dressed for Christmas.

Giving Back - California Fires

And something I shared this on Instagram earlier this week but I know not all are on there and so wanted to add a note here.

It is Thanksgiving week. A week full of family, friends, and being grateful for so much that we have.
I am sure you have seen the news about California and the devastating fires we have had in both Northern and Southern areas this past week. 
Since I am a Northern California girl- I am more familiar with the Camp Fire which is up by Chico- where my middle big kid lives. The town of Paradise - where my grandmothers brothers family lived- is gone. Their home is gone- but they are safe thank God.  But over 70 people have been found dead and over 1300 remain unaccounted for and the loss grows every day. 
The smoke that is heavy in the air all through the valley areas, down the coast and through out the SF Bay Area is a reminder of how devastating this fire is. When it looks like night or like it is foggy at 2 in the afternoon- that is a lot of smoke and ash.  We first noticed it leaving the flower market the day the fire started. I hadn't heard about a local fire but could see and smell smoke. And that fire was the Camp Fire which was hours away but affecting SF.
And the other day,  I read a quote in a story that stuck with me. Someone reminded that all of that ash in the air -to remember that ash and smoke is what is left of someone's dream. Someone's home. Someone's family.
That really hit a chord.
It makes my heart so heavy to see the devastation for those who lived in the area and honestly, as a blogger being able to reach many people- I feel the need to share and also to help. This week for Thanksgiving- I am donating 100% of the proceeds from sales from my anything in my online shop through Wednesday. You can order here 
And if you would rather- please make a donation if you can. 

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving.


  1. Loving the look of those sconces! Can't wait to see the whole reveal!

  2. The crystal covered sconces look amazing!

  3. Thank you for sharing about the fires and encouraging others to donate.