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5 ways to use vintage bottles

Something as simple as a few glass bottles with a couple blooms
can be a perfect way to style a mantel, shelf or table without overwhelming it.

I am not big on overly decorated spaces
so for me- simple is best
and that is one of the reasons I love bottles for decorating.

I have been collecting bottles in various shapes and sizes for awhile now
They are easy and inexpensive at the thrift store and sometimes at antique markets
depending on the colors and sizes.

I thought that I would share 5 of my favorite ways to use vintage bottles in decor
especially since I am shopping for a few more to add to my collection.
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A single small bottle on each dish is a perfect touch for a dinner party

Grouped together in a vignette on a table

A grouping on vintage glass and bottles on a silver tray was a perfect addition to the coffee table bench for a charming display.
Technically it's more glasses than bottles- but the concept is the same 
and I love them.

Grouped together on a mantel

Blue bottles filled with colorful blooms

or just by themselves with books for a more rustic display

or maybe a few clear glass inkwells and bottles for Spring

As a centerpiece

A collection of jars and bottles in a rustic crate is a perfect centerpiece 

Together in display for impact

Country Living
Group like colors, sizes, etc together on a shelf or table for subtle impact.
A great way to incorporate your favorite collection in a room. 

There are so many more ideas for using vintage bottles, jars and glasses in decor
but these are definitely some of my favorites.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. I like your ideas,some i had not thought of, thanks.

  2. Bonjour chère amie,

    Une très jolie manière de recycler les bouteilles de verre en les mettant en valeur ! Vos photos sont superbes et quelle incroyable collection !

    Gros bisous ✿❀✿

  3. Thanks for sharing. Love your blog and all the inspiration!!1
    Greetings from South Africa

  4. pięknie,zawsze mnie zachwycają takie butelki,jeszcze w nich róże czy eustomy,cudownie :)

  5. anch'io adoro il vetro in generale: bottiglie, flaconi e barattoli, soprattutto riciclati:
    Belle fotografie!

  6. Love all of your ideas, Courtney.
    You always inspire me.

  7. Beautiful pics and ideas. I love simple.

  8. They are all so lovely - I just adore colored glass. Thanks for the inspiration!