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5 easy and beautiful ways to use copper in autumn decorating

You might have noticed how many pieces of copper and brassy golds
 I am mingling in with my autumn decor this year.

I will admit it. 
Those warm, rich metals might be a mild obsession of mine at this point. 
But as usual copper is one of those obsessions that I am okay with. 

For me, autumn doesn't necessarily speak in orange tones. 
While I will use traditional pumpkins outdoors on the porch 
or outdoors- my autumn color palette looks more soft and muted than bold and beautiful. 

It speaks in soft natural elements and neutral colors- and it leans romantic with blush, sage greens and those dusty colored cinderella pumpkins.
But one thing that I always seem to gravitate towards for autumn decor- are metals. 
Copper, brass, gold, rose gold... I am obsessed. 
And I love to sprinkle a touch of those warm tones with the pale neutral colors.

And with so many questions about how to bring in those pretty rich metals- 
I thought I would share a few ways I have used copper in simple vignettes for autumn over the 
years here on the blog.

Those charming little copper mugs?
 Yeah, they aren't just for using for cocoa or a warm you up beverage over here. 
One of my favorite ways to use them is for holding a small bouquet of flowers.

For this table setting, I clipped flowers short and created several arrangements in copper mugs.
This is the behind the scenes- click the title to see the finished table.

A favorite spot for styling dishes for the season,
this antique buffet deux corps is a big charming covered in pretty patina 
and loads of character. 
All year long there are various dishes on display 
and for autumn- metals and pumpkins are in the rotation.

3. A copper pot for holding flowers any time of year

Another favorite way of displaying flowers- whether it is spring, summer, winter or autumn-
a chunky copper kettle.
This kettle (or pot) was a HomeGoods find several years back
and has been a stunner filled with flowers

or simply displayed by itself.

Those mugs again...
they aren't just for holding fresh flowers.
 I am a huge fan of using those dried blooms from earlier in the year
to warm up the mantel in a different way. 

I used dried roses and fresh seeded eucalyptus to create simple bouquets in the copper mugs for a seasonal display.  

Out in the cottage, copper is on repeat in this little wall cupboard. 

This tiny cupboard filled with stacks of white ironstone, copper mugs 
and a few little baby boo's is a sweet and simple display for autumn.
Even just a couple mugs will bring in those warm tones 
and change the entire look.

Here it a look without them (see more in this post

and with just a couple pieces of copper

So if you are a fan of metals for autumn and the holidays like I am -
 it is so easy to incorporate those delicious tones in your decor. 
And the best part is- that when you aren't using those pretty little mugs or copper pots- 
you can enjoy them on display.

And coming your way next week... a styling that I am super excited about that involves copper
and gold and gorgeous blush and aubergine- and is absolutely perfect for autumn entertaining. 

And you can see more of the copper appearing around the house in my early autumn tour- 
and today is the LAST DAY to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card to HomeGoods- so don't miss that.

I am off on a flower market run to pick up a few things for some upcoming posts
and fingers crossed I find a few Cinderella pumpkins as well.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. I love the look of copper and the copper pots and pans are a favorite - love your first image - so pretty! Happy Wednesday ~

  2. I love idea of adding the copper! It is a great look! Have a good day and thanks for your post!

  3. Just gorgeous as always Courtney! I am going to bring out my copper mugs pronto! Thanks for oodles of inspiration <3

  4. Have always loved beautiful copper and you have created such amazing vignettes using that gorgeous metal!

  5. Elegant and unique decorating for Fall!