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Simple autumn porch styling

This year, I am feeling simple and sweet for autumn.
And when it comes to the porches... it all depends on what I have on hand 
and what colors I am craving.

For some reason- autumn to me is full of purples and whites right now.
You might remember those purple hydrangeas
I dried for the living room

Or the table setting I did with white pumpkins and purples.

On the porch- it was a different kind of purple that inspired me.


I swear, I walked into the nursery looking for cinderella pumpkins..
walked out with fall blooms, lambs ear 
and cabbages.

Lots of cabbages. 

And just a very few white and gray pumpkins at first when I first snapped a few photos of the porch.
And honestly, I kind of just plopped them down and snapped a few photos and then moved along
because I had a list a mile long to notch off before traveling.

But when loading the photos- I decided sometimes no plan and going with what inspires you
even if it isn't exactly what you had in mind - is exactly perfect. I love the way the early autumn look with flowers mixed summer and fall.
And then... 
right before heading out of town- I found a few of those delicious muted brown pumpkins
and I mixed it up a bit to a little more traditional autumn.
Love this look so much.

but truth be told... they have already moved. 
We are repainting the steps and finishing the walkway area
 and so... 
things change quickly around here.
And so some moved indoors...

And some to another porch and some to another spot.

I will share more  about this spot very soon.
Stay tuned.

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Happy Wednesday everyone.