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Lilac & olive branch inspired table & rustic cake

When the lilacs start blooming... I start getting a bit of an itch  to place a whole vase full of them on the kitchen island, put little jars of them here and there, and set a table inspired by that gorgeous, luscious bloom.

When I was working on my book, I was especially enamored with setting pretty tables and entertaining and then photographing the settings for hours.

This table was a book table- one that did actually make the cut into the book- but only with a couple photos. You see, my publisher and I had talked about including table top and entertaining- and I decided to style and photograph about several tables so we would have options.

 Which was great...we had A LOT of options (12 tables)  to work with- just not enough pages in the book haha.

So, sharing a few extra photos here- and thank you Bre for hosting this fun table setting hop.

 This table setting was inspired by olive branches and those pretty lilacs.  I simply created a table centerpiece by layering the olive branches along the center of the table and tucking sprigs of lilac into them. It is a simple way to enjoy the look of a garland without having to create one- and it is easy to gather the lilac up at the end of the evening and place into water to enjoy again.

Then I added layers of favorite china, blush linens, gold flatware
and pretty purple wine glasses.

A simple place setting tip- add a single flower stem on the napkin for a special touch for your table and also for your guests to take home if they would like.

Of course, ambiance is key. Those twinkle lights in the tree, small candles on the table and a fun playlist in the background sets the mood for a wonderful evening full of conversations and laughter.
Some of my favorite playlists are all about 'mood' and depending on the occasion- might be instrumental,  jazz,  Dave Matthews Band, Chainsmokers, Country evenings, Parisian Market, etc.

Of course, there had to be a rustic cake included. This one is topped with blueberries and lilac with a base of olive sprigs. It was a less is more frosting kind of look- truth be told- not my favorite one. But I did like the topping and colors.

I also shared a couple other extras  recently- this blush table and

this berry topped cake & rich elegant table is one of my favorites.

 I can hardly believe it has been about 2 years since I photographed this - time flies.
and don't miss any of my friends who are sharing spring table setting inspiration today too.



  1. Beautiful as always, Courtney. I think you need a second book of just tablescapes!

  2. The prettiest purple table I've ever seen. And your rustic cakes are always so beautiful!

  3. I love the purple wine glasses with weathered wood and just the right greens. What a beautiful table!
    Now...I want to make cake.

  4. One of my favorite tables you've ever done my friend - and that's saying a lot!! (and I LOVE Dave Matthews!! ;))


  5. I wish I could transport myself to this incredible setting!!! Jaw-dropping styling!

  6. Wow, Courtney! So so beautiful - the lighting is perfect with all those soft purple touches!

  7. So beautiful, Courtney! Every detail is always so pretty.
    Hugs, Jamie

  8. You have the most incredible way of making anything look beautiful and an amazing artistic way to showcase flowers.Everything is surrounded by a romantic and magical feel.Thank you for sharing your talents. I love everything you do.