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July in review

It has been a fun, busy month over here.

And today it is about to get even busier with the big decorate & reveal day at the
 Habitat for Humanity house in Georgia. 
 After 3 days of shopping the worlds longest yard sale with GMC and an amazing group of bloggers and GMC folks,
staying up late with paint in hand
and tanking up on A LOT of coffee...
we are ready to get this big party started. 

 Stay tuned on instagram (check the story for the most photos)
 and facebook for updates and behind the scenes sneaks.

And can you believe it is August?
 I know, I say it every month- but seriously. August. 
July was filled with pretty, reveals, simple entertaining and decorating and much more. 
Here are a few favorites for the month of July in review.

And over at Lamps Plus- it was all about outdoor ceiling fans and adding style while staying comfortable

5 must have pieces for French charm

Smaller lights and why good things come in small packages

All about designer lighting and why it is perfect for adding a bit of wow to your room

And at HomeGoods, we were talking
about farm to table and a recipe that you can indulge in and feel good about

That is it for today-I am off to decorate a house as a surprise for a family.
And yes, we have several boxes of tissues
 for the happy tears ready.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. It is a VERY lucky family to have YOU decorate their home.
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  2. Love the photos, sounds like you have been busy as a bee, and loving every minute of it ��. Looking forward to seeing more about the house and your yard sailing.😊💛

  3. Hi Courtney, your photos are amazing as always. You always inspire me. Thanks so much! xx Jo